Mental Health & Addictions 101

Mental Health & Addictions 101:
Understanding How to Respond to Individuals with Mental Health and Addiction Issues

First Nation Communities in Rural Canada face many mental health concerns related to historical and intergenerational trauma, geographical location and economic factors. Reduced mental health services results in greater stress and responsibility to D &A counsellors, Elders, family members, Band Office staff and community helpers. This workshop is focused on this particular reality.

This workshop is for:

  • Para-professionals who provide informal mental health & addiction support in First Nation Communities that include drug and alcohol workers, family support workers, and other community helpers.
  • Elders
  • Family members of individuals with mental health and addiction issues
  • Chief & Counsel
  • Band Office Staff

You will learn:

  • A beginners understanding of the symptoms of the most common mental health and addictions issues.
  • How to respond to individuals who present with mental health and addiction symptoms.
  • Addressing the challenges of dual relationships in First Nations communities.
  • Recognizing the signs of burn out and secondary trauma in yourself as the support person.


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