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Edgewood Aftercare Program


  • To help ensure that client remains abstinent from mood-altering drugs or behaviours.
  • To make available a support community that will provide feedback to the client as to their behaviours in recovery.
  • To provide support for the client’s reintegration into the family, work and support communities.
  • To identify potential relapse behaviours
  • To provide a safe environment where client can process their emotions
  • To ensure that the client’s recovery plan is being adhered to.
  • To ensure if the client does not maintain abstinence there is an agreed-upon recovery re-entry treatment plan and /or consequence.



Client led group therapy requiring all participants to actively give feedback, in challenging each other’s behaviours, thinking process and accountability to their recovery program. Each group has one accredited counsellor as monitor who is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The first hour is a topic led discussion. The second hour is group process on any issue client wishes to bring to the group.


  • Tuesday: 6-8 pm
  • Client’s are encouraged to commit to a one-year term



  • Successful completion of a recognised in-patient treatment center
  • One hour introductory session before entry to aftercare group to develop a recovery plan, goal setting and recovery re-entry treatment plan in case of relapse.


  • Contact clinic for pricing and payment options